Social Publishing Tools

Mugio Social offers a full featured social publishing tool. Productivity oriented publishing interface allows you to schedule and manage your social publications. You can publish to: Blogger Facebook Accounts and Pages Foursquare Google+ Pages LinkedIn Personal Profiles, Company Pages and Groups MySpace Orkut Twitter Tumblr YouTube WordPress   Scheduling You can set your publication to… Read More »

Social Analytics and Measuring Accurate ROI

Social media is a hard industry to work in. So many people have different expectations of what can be accomplished in just a few weeks. I have had clients expect 1,000 likes on their page in one week, and a 100 sales coming from any given social media network. Than I have other clients who… Read More »

What does it mean to track sentiment on Social Media?

Here at Social Report, we are often asked if we do “sentiment analysis” and we always find it difficult to answer this question with a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Let’s first try to define the problem space. Sentiment analysis is a phrase that is thrown around a lot. Almost like the word ‘Cloud’ – people… Read More »