Frequently asked questions

What is Mugio Social ?

Mugio Social Report is a social network analytics solution that allows you to track your social network accounts just the same way you would track the performance of your websites. The best comparison would be to Google Website Analytics. Just like you can track visitors, time on site, keywords, geography and many other aspects of web performance there with Mugio you can track membership, demographics, interests, geography, education, employment and many other aspects of your social space.

Which networks can I get reports on?

As of January 2014 here is a list of supported networks. Please keep an eye on this page as we are constantly adding more networks…

Social Networks

youtubekloutslidesharediggvimeotwitterpinterestaddthis_50facebookmyspacegoogle plusfoursquareinstagrammeetupreddit



bloggertumblr wordpress


Business Reviews

tripadvisor yahoo local yelp

Web analytics & Short linkers

google analyticsclickygooglbitly


Online Stores

ebay etsy shopify

Social Keyword Search

This is where we are able to crawl all sites and all networks to bring in your keyword search results. Here we craw 80+ social media properties directly including: Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, YouTube, Digg, Google etc

Do you have publishing capability?

Mugio Social offers a full featured social publishing tool. Productivity oriented publishing interface allows you to schedule and manage your social publications.

You can publish to: Blogger, Facebook Accounts and Pages, Foursquare, LinkedIn Accounts and Groups, MySpace, Orkut,Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube. See more

Help me understand terminology: projects, accounts, campaigns…

  • Project – projects are a way of grouping related social projects and reporting. Project can represent a business, a customer or any other grouping of social accounts.
  • Account – accounts are the actual social properties: facebook page, twitter profile, youtube channel, etc.
  • Campaign – campaign is a publication or a series of publications that are grouped together for analytical purposes: here we measure clicks, conversion and ROI.
  • User – users are the registered individuals that have authorized permission to access projects.