How to manage you social credentials ?

By | October 22, 2014

Imagine this situation: you are working at a social media agency and you absolutely loathe your job. You have to deal with (in your opinion) the dumbest people to have walked the earth, and you don’t think you get paid nearly enough to do it. One day you are sitting in your office, minding your own business, when you get called upstairs to Human Resources. You know you’re not getting a promotion, so it must be the day you finally get fired. You knew this day was coming, as your quality of work has greatly stagnated because you resent your bosses so much. You have one simple thought: if you’re going down, you’re going to take the company down with you, just to spite them all. disgruntled employee

Now, let’s look at the flip side of this scenario. You’re running a social media agency and you have this lousy employee. They have a terrible attitude towards the clients, always getting into arguments, and never answering their questions. You have given them chance after chance, but it’s reached the point of no return. You simply need to let them go.

In most businesses, this isn’t necessarily a difficult procedure. You fill out the paperwork, and let the bad employee go. The difference between a normal work place and a social media agency is the power employees have to ruin someone’s business. Employees have the power to ruin not only your own company’s reputation, but those of your clients as well. In a single status update, they could publish racial slurs, profanities, and cause a PR nightmare for everyone involved.

A disgruntled employee is every social media agency’s worst nightmare.

So the question is: how do you prevent a disgruntled employee from wrecking havoc amongst your clients’ social media networks?

The easiest solution is to avoid giving employees access to client data, but obviously this isn’t a viable solution. The only plausible option is to use a form of social media management software that allows only your clients to control their login information while fully enabling you to conduct your work for them. Luckily, this method is already integrated into Social Report. Mugio allows clients to connect and control access to these accounts for you. This feature also prevents you from worrying about whether you have the correct client information, and gives clients access to scheduled publications for their social media accounts and complete reporting.