Social Analytics and Measuring Accurate ROI

By | October 22, 2014

Social media is a hard industry to work in. So many people have different expectations of what can be accomplished in just a few weeks. I have had clients expect 1,000 likes on their page in one week, and a 100 sales coming from any given social media network. Than I have other clients who are happy with a few likes a week. The one thing that these clients have in common though is that they all want to see the results. Now analytic reports on social media profiles have always been a thing of uncertainty. What should you really be looking for is it the reach, engagement levels, click through links, or shares? How were you supposed to accurately measure true ROI on an newer marketing media ROI

One of the biggest problems I have faced was figuring out what should be tracked, what is important and what isn’t. Another problem I had faced was finding how to get the best analytics possible. Sprout Social and Hootsuite have decent analytics but they leave something to be wanted. They also don’t have the ability to cover every social network. Than you have Simply Measured who has better reporting but their pricing is just ridiculous. I also don’t want to continually have to go to a separate website just to find out some numbers on my last post. Mugio luckily solves this problem.

Mugio Social luckily made it incredibly easy to figure out what should be tracked and what is just a superficial number. They did this by tracking everything done.

You want demographics of your followers or likes? They have it.
You want to know who your biggest fans are? They show it.
You want to track your stats on tumblr, instagram, facebook and pinterest? They can do that.
As they say right on their website

 “Mugio Social Reports offers powerful insights into your social accounts: membership trends, activity and engagement, thoughts and feelings of your members, their interests, their geographical distribution, education levels, gender, employment, and countless other metrics”

The fun doesn’t stop there though. With Mugio Social Reports, you have the ability to run these reports and send them directly to your clients email without having to send it to yourself first or downloading the file. A small feature not many people would pay close attention too, but it has saved me tons of time and as they say time is money.