Social Publishing Tools

By | October 26, 2014

Mugio Social offers a full featured social publishing tool. Productivity oriented publishing interface allows you to schedule and manage your social publications.

You can publish to:
Facebook Accounts and Pages
Google+ Pages
LinkedIn Personal Profiles, Company Pages and Groups



You can set your publication to post right away, later or do it at specific intervals. To avoid having your posts look like spam – we do give you ability to customize each publication for recurring campaigns.

Bulk Schedule Messages

Bulk Schedule allows multiple posts to be uploaded, scheduled and published, all at once. It’s accomplished by allowing users to upload a special spreadsheet that tells Mugio the time and content of every post you want to schedule.


If you are looking to reach a specific user demographic with your publication you can now use our Publication Targeting. Target your audience based on gender, age, geography, career and relationship status.

Clicks and Conversions

The power of publication is amplified when you are able to get a detailed report of how your publication did. How many clicks were generated, which networks produced those clicks, what time of day. We also offer you ability to install a conversion script – you would place it on your purchase or a registration, any page that you consider conversion. We would then be able to tell you which network accounts brought you the most business.


You can easily geocode your publication with your current location or any other place in the world. Tagging your publication with geo coordinates allows you to tap into local markets and audiences.

Attach Images

You can easily publish images along side your publication. The picture is worth a thousand words – this is certainly true for social messages. Nothing grabs attention better then a nice looking graphic or a photo.

Syndicate Content

You can easily syndicate content from other sources by connecting RSS feeds to Mugio Campaign Manager. As soon as there is a new publication on an RSS feed, we will automatically post it to your target social properties. A great way of keeping your channels updated. Even though the content comes from other sources – all of our tracking is uneffected – clicks and conversions are still delivered to you.

Customize “posted via”

If you like, you can also customize “posted via” so that when publication is posted it has the right branding information.


Download powerful campaign performance report – 1 page of simple and intuitive publishing analysis summary.